Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

At Red X Carbon, we understand the critical importance of securing your organizational data and systems in today's dynamic digital landscape. That's why we offer a comprehensive Microsoft 365 Security Assessment to help fortify your defenses and protect your vital assets.

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Our assessment is meticulously designed to evaluate your existing security posture, identify potential vulnerabilities, and provide strategic recommendations. By leveraging industry best practices from the Center for Internet Security (CIS), we ensure that your security framework aligns with global cybersecurity standards.

Through a combination of tool-driven assessments, stakeholder workshops, and expert recommendations, we aim to deliver a tailored security framework that empowers your organization to confidently operate within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Key Features

Initial Technical Assessment

An initial technical assessment of the current state of in-scope areas of your Azure environment from data collected with best-in-class tools.

Stakeholder Workshops

Review current configurations and understand the rationale behind them.

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Gap Analysis

Identify gaps against the Microsoft 365 CIS Benchmark and provide remediation recommendations.

Security Enhancements

Recommendations for adjusting resource and environment configurations to align with best practices.

Upon completion, you can choose to implement the recommendations independently or engage Red X Carbon Inc. for further support.

Safeguard your organization with our Microsoft 365 Security Assessment today.

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