Pro-Actively Defend Your Business with our Security Operations Centre (SOC)

In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, Red X Carbon goes beyond conventional cybersecurity offerings, delivering an extensive suite of services through our Security Operations Centre (SOC). Let's dive deeper into the cutting-edge features that make us your partner of choice in the fight against cyber adversaries.

Why Red X is Your Trusted Cybersecurity Partner

Choose Red X Carbon for a proactive, comprehensive, and dynamic cybersecurity solution. Safeguard your organization today and empower it to face the challenges of tomorrow's cybersecurity landscape.

Proactive Defence

Stay ahead of cyber threats with our 24/7 SOC Operations, advanced features, and advanced threat hunting capabilities.

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Comprehensive Foundation

Benefit from foundational services, including Penetration Test and CIS Benchmark Audit.

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Dynamic Monitoring

Continuous forensic support, reputation monitoring, and on-demand dark web scanning.

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Strategic Planning

Receive an incident response plan and a 3-year cybersecurity roadmap for long-term resilience.

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The RedX SOC Package

24/7 SOC Operations

Our SOC Operations provide unparalleled vigilance, utilizing a tiered approach from Level 1 to Level 4. This ensures that your organization receives the right expertise at the right time, allowing us to effectively analyze, manage, and mitigate potential threats. Count on us for a dynamic defense system that adapts to the evolving nature of cyber threats.

Penetration Test and CIS Benchmark Audit

Building a secure foundation is critical, and Red X Carbon delivers. Our one-time Penetration Test for up to 5 IPs and a CIS Benchmark Audit provide a comprehensive assessment, followed by a detailed remediation report. This foundational approach ensures a robust starting point for securing your digital landscape.

Premium Threat Intelligence

Ingest firewall, antivirus, and third-party services logs seamlessly into our SOC platform. Our integration of a Premium Threat Intelligence Feed into Azure Sentinel enhances your proactive threat detection capabilities. Real-time data view, reporting, user credentials monitoring, VIP, and domain monitoring add layers of specialized oversight.

Continuous Monitoring

Red X Carbon's SOC package includes robust forensic support covering up to 50 incidents annually. We continuously monitor your organization's reputation and public Internet-facing portfolios for potential threats.

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Long-Term Planning and Resilience

As a value-added service, we provide an incident response plan and a 3-year cybersecurity roadmap. This forward-looking approach ensures your organization is not merely reacting to current threats but proactively preparing for the challenges of the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Advanced Threat Hunting: Stay One Step Ahead

Hunt down cyber threats with Red X Carbon's advanced threat hunting capabilities:

Network Inspection

Continuous traffic inspection detects malicious activity to/from suspicious IP addresses and domains.

Log Analysis & Search

Automatically collect, normalize, analyze, and retain data from existing networks, systems, and applications.

Threat Detection

Identify malicious files/EXEs, malicious traffic, bad IP addresses/domains, and lateral movement through Windows event log and Sysmon monitoring.

Cloud Detection

Monitor cloud services, SaaS apps, IaaS infrastructure, and SecOps services to identify malicious user activity.

Opt for Red X Carbon: Your powerhouse for proactive, all-encompassing, and dynamic cybersecurity solutions. Fortify your organization now and gear up to conquer the cybersecurity challenges of tomorrow!

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