The Cloud Masters

Our Team

Red X Carbon is an Information Technology services provider based in Toronto, Canada, that delivers innovative and purposeful Digital Transformations and Managed Services. Scroll down to meet our Co-Founders.

Marcelo Tamaki

As the CEO, Marcelo is responsible for driving the strategic vision that supports the growth and success of Red X Carbon. Throughout his career, Marcelo has been a thought leader for his forward-thinking technology vision that pushes the boundaries of innovation.

Vaz Saraphanian

As the COO, Vaz is responsible for defining the operational strategy and driving execution at Red X Carbon. Vaz has a relentless work ethic and determination to achieve optimal outcomes for clients of Red X Carbon.

Dmitry Bogopolskiy

As the CTO, Dmitry is responsible for defining technology strategy and innovation at Red X Carbon. Dmitry has a never-ending thirst for learning and deploying the latest technology and we have yet to find a technology that Dmitry can’t master.

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