Revolutionize Your Communication with Microsoft Teams Phone

In a world where remote work is the new norm, upgrading your communication systems is non-negotiable. Say goodbye to cumbersome traditional phone setups and welcome the future of collaboration with Microsoft Teams.

Discover the power of Microsoft Teams' cloud-based solution, boasting seamless chat, video conferencing, and file sharing. Elevate your game with our cutting-edge phone system, turning your Teams client into a powerhouse for making and receiving calls.

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With Red X Microsoft Teams Phone

Operator Connect

Break free from limitations! Make outbound and receive inbound calls directly through the public telephone network (PSTN), establishing a local connection for crystal-clear voice calling.

Direct Route

Take control of your telecom destiny! Connect your Microsoft Teams phone system to your preferred telecom provider, bypassing Teams PSTN Calling Plans and embracing the flexibility of your own calling plans.

Microsoft Calling Plans

Experience VoIP calling like never before! Enjoy a cloud-based calling service supporting inbound, outbound, and emergency calling in selected countries.

Unparalleled Quality & Ease of Use

Effortlessly communicate and collaborate across devices and spaces with our intuitive, seamless calling features. Elevate your business interactions by creating meaningful engagements through intelligent capabilities that not only connect your team but also significantly enhance overall productivity.

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Why Choose Red X? Unleash a Wave of Benefits

Cost Savings

Wave goodbye to hefty bills. Direct Route and Native Microsoft Calling Plans are more cost-effective than traditional phone systems.

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Tailor your connection. Operator Connect links you with a local PSTN provider, while Direct Route lets you leverage your existing telecom provider.

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Enhanced Functionality

Elevate your communication game. All three services offer additional features, including emergency and international calling.

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Boost Productivity

Foster collaboration, enhance security, and ensure compliance, all while improving customer service through superior call quality and advanced features.

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Upgrade your communication game today! Microsoft Teams Telephony - where innovation meets collaboration.

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